Hannah Palmer Flight path

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Teaser videos for @hannahspalmer Hannah Palmer’s new book Flight Path. Get it! Link in bio

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SONOS Playbase

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The new SONOS Playbase – Product photography


playbase David Naugle SONOS





David Naugle SONOS



David Naugle SONOS

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#SONOS #PLAYBASE ya está en México, y Custom Control las tiene!! Ven a probarla y no te quedes sin la tuya.

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Art Papers Magazine – Terminus

Art on MARTA (part 2)
Images / David Naugle
Text / John Crocker

From Artpapers Magazine article – In 1979, ART PAPERS published a short article on plans for integrating artwork into the planning stages of a number of then soon-to-be-built MARTA train stations around Atlanta. The article announced the architects who had been selected for the design of each station and, in most cases, the artist(s) whose work would be commissioned as part of the process. These pairings were in some cases realized; in others, the buildings were completed, then artworks were introduced. The results of both processes are documented in the following photo essay, which turns a lens toward MARTA’s sometimes unusual, often unseen public art commissions.


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